Thursday, 25 June 2009

Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest

Veckatimest is the most hotly anticipated Grizzly Bear album to date, and in fact one of the most anticipated alternative albums of the month. Does it live up to the vast amounts of hype that has been circling around? In a word. Yes.
It's an ambitious album, starting with the inviting 5 minute slow burner 'Southen Point' which with such subtle production and nothing ranging above a midtone could be enough to turn the untrained listener away but a little bit of patience and you will find some brilliant tracks. For a start, since receiving Veckatimest I have listened to the first single 'Two Weeks' a couple of times a day at least, it is such a charming happy song full of life, in fact the song has been in my head since I saw them at ATP a few months ago.
The album is full of beautifully melodic pop that will see you through the summer nicely.
Veckatimest, although it drags a little in the middle it is worth the wait to get to the end, the aptly named track 'While You Wait For The Others' is one of the highlights of an album with quite a few and then 'I Live With You' a hectic frenzy of loud drums and horns only to leave you with the peaceful outtro 'Foreground.'
With bands like Fleet Foxes blowing the alt folk scene pretty much into the mainstream, bands like Grizzly Bear will certainly be reaping the rewards and although they may well never get to the heights Foxes are seeing at the moment I doubt Grizzly bear mind that much as they are, and will continue to make great music

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