Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Engineers - Three Fact Fader

Four years after their debut, Engineers are back. The hotly anticipated Three Fact Fader is just about here after record company restructuring the album nearly wasn't made at all. Produced by Ken Thomas, who has worked with the like of Sigur Ros and M83, Three Fact Fader a much more atmospheric approach than their debut and needs to be played loud to fully appreciate the intricacies of the multi effected guitar work and their special walls of sound. There is a lot of talk relating them to the shoegaze genre, which seems to be an almost fashionable genre to label a band with these days and although they have some of the aesthetics I wouldn't necessarily lumber Engineers in with the Shoegaze lot.
The album eases you in slowly with the first single 'Clean Coloured Wine' with the droney vocals mixing well with the rest of the sound. There are certainly some highlights on this album, I can listen to 'Sometimes I Realise' all day and the six minute 'Brighter As We Fall' builds up slowly to an epic end, after a few listens you will find yourself liking Engineers more and more.
The artwork is also great.
Here is a video for their first single 'Clean Coloured Wine'

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