Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Israel M - Nareah

Try getting your head around this one. Nareah, Israel M's first album is minimalism at its best. The fifteen minute track 'Mitah' gives you a good representation of what sound artist Israel Martinez is all about. Dark and glitchy effects building up around very raw and organic sounds. The whole album merges into one as it transcribes a journey through a deeply introspective sonic desert. Once you give this a listen or two you start to realize the intricacies of the production and the combination of the analogue and digital recording that would be vacant upon first listen. For Martinez it doesn't just stop with this album either, his biography alone tells of contributing some form of sound art to festivals, exhibitions and commissions all over the world.
Nareah is well worth the time of day as it is not something you hear everyday

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