Friday, 3 October 2008

R.I.P. Oasis

I’m writing this as a life long, die-hard Oasis fan but I feel somehow cheated by them recently. Although they still have the ability to write catchy pop songs the spirit that was Oasis has been replaced with this soulless vacuum of meaningless lyrics and cliché rock ‘n’ roll behaviour.
Take for example their new single ‘Shock of the Lightning’ and the line ‘love is a time machine/up on the silver screen.’ What are they talking about? Is Noel Gallagher confessing a secret love for Greta Garbo? Does he want to take a trip in a Delorian? WHAT!!!
It’s not just them though it’s almost impossible for any ‘band of the people’ to remain relevant and not fall into a cliché ridden pit. The Manic Street Preachers have returned with classic sound reminiscent of the mid-90’s ‘Everything Must Go’ era. I am glad they have returned to this sound but like them all the lyrics have sunk into the pit. The lyrics from the last album are full of political platitudes that lack any kind of anger and passion that existed less than 10 years ago. Arctic Monkeys you have been warned!

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