Thursday, 30 October 2008

Middle Boop at Mogwai

First of all lets start with the support. Fuck Buttons were a band I have tried to get into for a while now, being ATP approved and such but they never really caught me until the gig. The instruments used vary from samplers and synths to childrens toys and other random objects which really makes for a very unique performance, the live sound was brilliant it really did their music justice it really sent you into a world of your own. I'm not sure the crowd knew whether to dance or cry when watching. I am definately a converted fan. Mogwai lived up to their reputation as pretty much the loudest band around, typing this my ears are still ringing almost a week after. The setlist was very much a fans favorite rather than a best of. Playing B sides, and old favorites such as Cody and Herod. The tracks from the new album went down well especially Batcat which was so loud it was almost uncomfortable to listen. All in all it was one of the best, most intense gigs I have seen in a long time and the after show party wasn't bad either.

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