Monday, 14 February 2011

Super Receptor Presents: Iceage

Middle Boop has teamed up with the fantastic music Blog Super Receptor run by Mr Al English of Youthmovies fame in bringing you news of some of the best bands that, basically even we at Boop towers haven't heard of yet. Go forth and discover.

If January has you on auto-pilot then Copenhagen’s Iceage should snap you out of it like a stubbed toe.

Though their ages should be irreverent the fact that these four Danes are making such excellent noise in their teens marks them as talented as The Murder Of Rosa Luxemburg at their prime.

The music sits somewhere between DC hardcore and British punk but filtered via weirdness. The songs are all velocity but skewed and prone to shoot off at unexpected angles.

Their debut album New Brigade is available on Dais in the US and Escho in Denmark.

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