Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Amplifier - The Octopus (Ampcorp)

Amplifier's third studio album ‘The Octopushath arrived for your audible pleasures; Some 2 years in the making the magical moment has come to submerge your ears in an epic auditory journey combating fallen empires, time continuum & dark matter.

In true prog rock style the Mancunian triplet have hit us with a double album checking in at a respectable running time of over 2 hours. Enter stage left into a new dimension of Space Rock, for this record has many tentacles to boast as the journey of the Cephalopod begins…

Opening track ‘The Runner has an ambient Dark Side of the Moon-esque' feel to it and a smorgasbord of effect laden sounds. An electric piano rears its previously un-used keys on a few tracks, apparent on ‘Minion’s song,’ harmonising gently with Sel’s multifarious vocals.

The Wave is a stonking tune, with remnants of an alternative industrial influenced riff..

As we all sing 'Another Dimension, another dimension' - hail to the space cadets!

The video is something to get a bit trippy to in HD. Check it here.


Interstellar is a story travelling faster than light and ‘Planet of Insects is reminiscent of their Eponymous first albums vibe. ‘Trading Dark matter on the stock exchange’sjangling guitar intro rapidly reverberates allowing the rhythm to breath life into the bass groove.

Followed by a progressively crafted composition in ‘The Emperor

Interstellar is a story travelling faster than light, time travelling to the ‘Fall of the Empire - Atmospheric, engaging, the heart’s beating double quick now!

Oscar night Embryo is a reflective acoustic track, complimenting the fine dynamics of the antecedent soul alleviating tones!!

Every Amplifier fan will be getting a large helping of what this band do best on their new chef d'oeuvre, with a well produced original sound and a revelation into the prospects of galaxies far from here, new instruments, bolder sonorousness and an all round superb effort in album numero III. Go forth now and experience ‘The Octopus’ (‘’,)

By Joe Head.

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