Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Domino unveil the 'Domino Baggu'

Everyone likes bags, right? Well if you like bags and Domino Records you'll be pleased to know they are to unveil a new range of limited edition Baggus.

The environmentally friendly Baggu is effectively a bag based on the iconic plastic grocery bag which aims to reduce people's usage of disposable bags by being lightweight and easy to keep on hand for any errands that may arise throughout the day. And obviously, they’re perfect for carrying your vinyl in too.

Naturally it helps that they also happen to be rather good looking, which can be credited to none other than photographer and artist, Jason Evans, the man responsible for designing beautiful album covers for the likes of Four Tet and Clinic.

A modern take on the classic Domino record bag of old, the Baggu is priced at £9 and available in the following colours:

Electric Poppy with blue print
Indigo with pale blue print
Peacock with yellow print
Smoke with yellow print
Black with white print

The Domino Baggu is available exclusively through Dom Mart: http://www.dominorecordco.com/uk/bags/18-01-11/domino-baggu-bags

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