Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Finally! An England world cup song of note.

Now that Fabio's 23 man squad is now finalised, we can begin to look forward to the World Cup in South Africa, AND the songs that come out to mark it. I've checked out some of whats on offer in tribute to the 4 year sporting event and I think every single one of them has been terrible. Yeah, that is not surprising but there is usually at least 1 or 2 that are respectible in some way, right?

That's until now however, with this track, 'Englands Heartbeat' by Shuttleworth Ft. Mark E. Smith. Ok, so its not a piece of musical genius but it features the lyrical genius of Mr E. Smith so in that respect, it deserves a mention.

Here is the video for 'Englands Heartbeat'. I'll allow you guys to judge for yourselves.


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