Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Lightning Bolt - 'Earthly Delights'

I can only think that the reason for releasing this album on a Monday is because of Lightning Bolt's ability and clear intentions to obliterate any hangover cobwebs from the weekends exploits. It is certainly not your potting about the house on a Sunday avo type o’ vibe. You will be blown to smithereens when it’s readily available for public consumption. And that is the only way to listen to this album; by consuming it!
Clutching your chest as if your ability to breathe slips away with a cacophonous concoction of blended bass. Big bold beats, bellows and booms a surging bolt of extreme sagacity and this is after two tracks.
A mellow bass line on track 3 'Colossus' building up and you find yourself holding your sides in just waiting for the impending drums. They forcefully emerge and I’m wondering just how many booster drinks one man can consume to keep this sort of energy intact.
Ironically 'Funny Farm' gets the album back on track, crunching a widdley rif that's a little 'too' cachy. I can hear the influences ranging from the samples dude from Slipknot, angst ridden vox of PJ Harvey to the grinding abstract noises of Animal Collective! Final track 'Transmissionary' caps off a finely mixed, obtruse & echoplex ridden record from the Rhode Island resilient duo...
With a tour of Japan and the Oceanic Islands coming up, Lightning Bolt are certainly a box of tricks I’ll be ‘experiencing’ when their tour comes to an end at this year’s ATP. I recommend you go and see what all the Fuzz is about!

By 'Outer Audio Joe'

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