Tuesday, 29 July 2008

It came from the land down-under!

Somewhere in the streets of Paris musicians are panicking (or at least the should be) it seems there could be a new nation ready to take over the throne of electro music, that nation is Australia.
From a nation that has previously given us AC/DC, The Vines, Wolfmother and Men at Work electro music wouldn’t be the immediate genre of music that would spring to mind.
Since the birth of the Modular label in 1998 Australian electro has gain in popularity and strength. The first big act to make an impression overseas from the Modular would be the sample-based band The Avalanches who scored big chart hits round the world.
In recent years, since the rise of nu-rave, it as if you can’t escape the influx of Aussie bands, indie electro band Cut Copy have managed to wow international audiences not only with their slightly bittersweet style of electro pop but also from their remixes of other Australian acts like Midnight Juggernauts and The Presets.
But if your taste is for things a bit more surreal then try PNAU whose music videos include children dressed as ghosts, vicious strawberries and lightning bolts running around all over the place. Despite some odd images they have a knack of making some catchy tunes which give no option but to dance. They are the next band from down under intent on making a name for themselves in the circuit, even working another newcomer on the circuit on their last album.
But there is more to it than this, this country is almost producing new talent by minute from the sleazy electro of The Presets and Midnight Juggernauts to the disco sounds of Sneaky Sound System this is a nation worth watching.

Check Out:

Sneaky Sound System – Pictures
Muscles – Sweaty
PNAU – Baby
Cut Copy – Fabric Live 29

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