Thursday, 10 July 2008

bonobo - Days to come

If you haven't heard Bonobo, chances are that you probably have. His tracks have been included on car ads, footy games and not forgetting Lost! Even Gilles Peterson's had a crack giving Bonobo the title of best album 06. Yeap that’s right 06! Its been a while, and yet I don’t think its had as much success as it deserves. Easily pulling its weight against its contemporise like Quantic and the Thievery Corporation, Bonobo takes a more eastern vibe to the summer time jazz scene. Giving it a more sensual and all together calming effect. Signed to trustworthy old Tru Thoughts/Ninja Tune you know this album is essential listening for those summer time evenings (definitely not the ones in England though, it actually rained all day yesterday - july pish my arse!) BUY IT!

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