Wednesday, 2 March 2011

ATP Nightmare Before Christmas curated by Caribou, Les Savy Fav & Battles

Are you excited? Are you scared? Are you feeling festive?

ATP have announced the curators of their creepy Christmas fest that is Nightmare Before Christmas, held over the weekend of December 9th-11th at Butlins Holiday Centre, in Minehead. The three acts headlining and picking the bands for the event are Battles, Caribou and Les Savy Fav.

Each band will take a day and select 14 acts to storm the stage. Les Savy Fav start on the 9th, Battles take the 10th and Caribou round out this motley trio on the 11th.

Tickets will be on sale from Thursday 3rd March for £170 room only and £180 for self catering.

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