Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Oceansize - Koko – 1/10/10

Having seen Oceansize play as a punter very many times over the years, from small venues that no longer exist to crowds of about 30 people right through to packed out uni venues, but unfortunately never anything bigger. Despite being around for over ten years and having a rather large and loyal fanbase, I’m not sure why it’s taken them so long to find their way to headline venue’s as big as Koko when so many of their other British rock brethren have gone on to achieve huge success... or split up. Either way, they are here now and boy do they deserve to be.

We arrived a little way into their set due to the fact that Koko’s annoyingly famous clubnight on a Friday meant that the bands had to start and finish ridiculously early so myself and a number of other bewildered fans looked on having already missed classics such as the stand out track from third album FramesUnfamiliar.’ Despite this hindrance, what I did see was fantastic. Oceansize have a sound that could easily fill out venues three times the capacity of Koko and played like it. The new album hasn’t exactly had the big push that, say ‘Everyone In To Position’ did five or so years ago but the new tracks sound quality, ... With schizophrenic dual vocals from Vennart and Steve Durose and ‘Superimposer’ showcasing the new album in full style. The band are certainly leaning much more towards a heavy, prog sound these days which fits their style well. The new music filtered well with old classics like Paper Champion. it has to be said Oceansize are one of the most underrated bands in the country. They’ve just never quite fit into any genre that’s been in vogue.

Mike Vennart who can now also be seen playing second guitar for old friends Biffy Clyro was on top form with the banter and looked so at home on a stage with enough room for the band to move, darting about whenever he had time off the mic. It was great after so many years to see the guys play a blinder to a massive crowd and despite a minor misunderstanding with Steve Wilson of Porcupine Tree (or ‘PT’ as he seems to call them) at the aftershow it was a great evening.

Words : Gordon Reid

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