Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Allo Darlin’ - Allo Darlin’ (Fortuna Pop!)

Sitting in blazing sunshine in the midst of that a rare and beautiful English spell of Saharan weather, it seems fitting that a twee pop album full of ukeleles, summer wonderment and softly sung tales of love should be fluttering into my ears.

Allo Darlin’ are truly set to be darlings of the indie pop scene with the imminent release of their self-titled, debut album, imbued with a carefree attitude of nonchalance that flutters the heartstrings.

Opener ‘Dreaming’ sets the tone for the record with the title, forging a light-hearted, hazy beginning that spirals throughout. An upbeat beginning powers forth until it comes to the heart of the storm so to speak, in two slow and steady tracks caught in the middle of the album. ‘Heartbeat Chilli’ tells a tale of the love wrapped up in food preparation whilst ‘If Loneliness Was Art’ muses on that oh so often explored indie isolation. A cinematic trip in ‘Woody Allen’ quips its way to a cultural crescendo, showcasing the breadth of lyrical entanglement Allo Darlin’ churn up. The jarring switch from frolics to reflection initially acts as a blot on the jaunty journey we were heading on, throwing the brakes on the merriment. However, repeated listening brings a new admiration for the calm contemplation at the centre of the indie summer, as the sentiment slowly sinks itself into your skin.

It is easy to understand that some could see the overblown twee as a terribly throwaway tyrant on indie music but I say those individuals simply have no sunbeams in their life. Doom and gloom in indie is all fine and dandy to a point but the outstanding track, ‘Let’s Go Swimming’, meanders with such grace and bright melody, sunshine and smiles cannot stay away. It’s the tale of a day of summer spent in Sweden with Elizabeth Morris almost murmuring "All of the punks in Camden could never shout about it, all of the hipsters in Shoreditch could never style it, all of the bankers in Moorgate could never buy it for you, this is simple and it's true." A gorgeous feeling with vocals and guitars that drift along on a summers breeze; what more could you want from a summer anthem?

I came away after a few listens with hazy vision, bleary from the heart wrenching love and care instilled into the creation of such a quietly blissful record (that and I managed to lose two pairs of sunglasses over one weekend, allowing my eyes to stare unguarded at the blazing sun overhead).

Words : Adam Parker

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