Monday, 26 January 2009

Bon Iver - Blood Bank

This four track ep is as I have come to expect from Bon Iver, brilliant.
Every one of these tracks display the heartfelt, emotional, well layered vocals that send shivers down your spine. From the electrifying opening, 'Blood Bank,' to the finisher 'Woods' there is no change in the quality from last years 'For Emma, Forever Ago,' but they are making the most of the new equipment and recording facilities that have been made available to them since the success of their debut. The songs are left to build up to more climatic finishing and vocal effects that were made famous by Cher's 'Believe.' So although still sounding amazingly stripped down there is a little tweak here and there that shows a really interesting progression. It has just come in at 37 in the charts. Not bad going.

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