Saturday, 2 August 2008

PROFILE... ds:ign - David Stevens Design Solutions

Fresh off the back of New Designers, David Stevens at ds:ign is a user-centered Product Designer, who has recently graduated with First Class Honours from the University of Sussex.

As a user-centered designer, David specialises in Emotional and Inclusive Design, with the aim to improve the quality of life for older generations and and our future selves as well as improving user-experiences throughout all areas of design.

His award-winning project 'Arthritic Solutions' uses these philosophies to eliminate the rotational wrist strength needed for people with arthritis to use dial and key-operated products. Over 200 million worldwide suffer from arthritic conditions, of whom, 81% are restricted by their condition in carrying out their daily routines.

With the collaboration of materials technology company, FormFormForm (, David has secured the use of SUGRU, a soft-touch silicone, which allows the final user to form their own personalised grip on the Dial Turner and Key Turner. This not only increases functionality of the products, but also encourages positive emotional responses and reduces the stigma attached to products designed for disability.

Other products from ds:ign also include 'buMp', a user-centered kettle eliminating the need for (often redundant) water-level indicators, due its innovative 'bump chamber' - as the kettle is filled with water, bumps pass over the user's fingers, with one bump representing one cup of water. This revolutionary solution not only improves the user experience in an emotional context, but lends itself to the visually impaired, therefore keeping the design inclusive to society's changing needs.

David is currently working as a freelance designer and is available for commissions on product, furniture, graphics/layout and photography work. For more information email or visit .

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